A Michigan based asphalt shingle recycling company.


By using RAS, Recycled Asphalt Shingles, in new products, we reduce the negative impact on the environment that is so common with the extraction, transportation and processing of virgin materials. Recycling asphalt shingles conserves valuable landfil space and minimizes the amount of virgin resources used in production, in-turn lowering costs for manufacturers and consumers.

By recycling asphalt shingles contractors and roofing companies can enhance public image and minimize disposal costs. ›› learn more about HMA & RAS


Asphalt Shingle Recycling

The use of asphalt shingles is largest amongst residential roofing. Asphalt shingles are made from four basic materials also contained in HMA Hot Mix Asphalt used in road construction.

What We Do

Environmental friendly asphalt shingle recycling forHMA Hot Mix Asphalt, used for road construction. ›› learn more about Recycled Asphalt Shingles

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We work with contractors, roofers and private home owners, contact us for details on how our processes are saving companies money. ›› learn more about Michigan Shingle Recycling