Frequently Asked Questions 

Ideal Recycling Inc. is fast becoming Michigan's number one Asphalt Recycling locations, we work exclusively with contractors, roofers and private home owners who collect and recycle asphalt shingles and understand that the recycling of Asphalt Shingles prevents reusable materials from ending up in landfills. We specialize in the cleaning and processing of asphalt roofing materials for HMA, Hot Mix Asphalt, which is then used as pavement for roads.

2).  What is RAS?
RAS is an abbreviation used in the recycling industry for "Recycled Asphalt Shingle". Asphalt Shingles are collected during the re-roofing process and brought to facilities like Ideal Recycling Inc., for processing. Once processed, RAS is then ready for HMA "Hot Mix Asphalt", which is used to make paved roads and highways.

3).  What is HMA?
HMA is an abbreviation for "Hot Mix Asphalt", a term specific to the use of asphalt which, can be used for paved roads and highways.

4).  What types of roofing material can be accepted at Ideal Recycling?
Ideal has a permit to accept asphalt shingles from residential homes and apartment building with 4 units or less.

5).  If my house is roofed with something other than asphalt shingles, can I still recycle?
At this time, Ideal Recycling can only accept asphalt shingles. For other materials, such as tile, cedar shake or rolled roofing, contact your local government to see if recycling facilities exist.

6).  Is there a cost to recycle shingles?
Yes, due to the extensive labor involved to collect and process shingles, customers are charged on a per ton basis.

7).  Is there any difference between loading a dumpster headed for the landfill and loading a dumpster for Ideal Recycling?
We are not a licensed landfill and are limited by state regulations as to the amount of non-roofing debris we can accept. Therefore, we ask that you load the dumpster with roofing materials only. In addition, we ask that you place shingles on the bottom and all other debris on top for easy removal.

8).  What happens after a clean shingle load is dropped off at Ideal Recycling?
Once a load is delivered, it is cleaned of any debris not removed by the roofer, ground up and screened to spec. Material is than trucked to various asphalt plants for use in asphalt paving projects.

9).  What can I do to help prevent shingles from being landfilled?
Ask your dumpster service or roofer to recycle your shingles. If they are unaware that recycling facilities exist, please feel free to let them know about us. We always love referrals!