Rules & Procedures



Shingle Load Requirements

  • Ideal Recycling reserves the right to turn away or reload any loads that are deemed too dirty.
  • Ideal Recycling cannot accept any loads containing hazardous materials such as antifreeze, paint, oil, etc.
  • Any material other than shingles, nails or tarpaper must be placed on top on the load.
  • Absolutely no cedar shake loads accepted. Ideal Recycling will turn away loads with any visible signs of cedar shake or reload the shingles if cedar shake is discovered after unloading.
  • Any other types of wood (2x4, plywood sheets, etc.) must be placed on the top of the load. If wood is mixed in the entire shingle load, it will be turned away or reloaded.

Scale House

  • Every load will be scaled on before and after dumping.
  • Each driver will be issued a weight ticket when they leave.
  • Driver will be required to provide an address for every load that is brought to Ideal Recycling.
  • Mandatory 5 MPH speed limit on the yard! Drivers will be issued one warning before disciplinary actions are taken. IF THIS RULE CANNOT BE FOLLOWED, DRIVERS WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM THIS FACILITY.

Drop-off Area

  • Again 5 MPH speed limit!
  • Drivers are required to stop at the dumpsters along the driveway, untarp and dispose of any material located on top of the loads. Red dumpster is for garbage only. Green dumpster for wood only, PAINTED WOOD OR SHEETS OF WOOD COVERED BY MORE THAN 50% ICE SHIELD OR TARPAPER, MUST BE PLACED IN RED DUMPSTER.
  • Drivers will proceed to pull-out area. Back in and wait to be pulled out.
  • Drivers are not allowed to clean or go through loads once they have been pulled out.